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mtn 2go cHeat

mtn 2go cHeat

Now to today’s business! I
be saying much. Since you all
have known How to Tweak/
Change Android IMEI. Procedures: Step 1:- Tweak this
IMEI 8649810128 41279
(Remember to change the last 4-5
digits). Step 2:- After tweaking,
Text LYTE to 131 to get your 3gb.
Click here to tweak a valid IMEI. Note:- This MB was meant for
2go App only. So to make it work
on all
your apps on Android, Simple
will be required. Set your Simple Server App as follows:- Listen
Port== 8080 Proxy Host==
Proxy Port== 8080
Injection Method== GET Inject

Line== Press Enter Key 4 times.

Buffer Size== 8092 Concurrent
Connections== 10 Log Level== DEBUG To Check the Balance of
your Data,
Dial *559*6# It lasts for 6 Months
if not

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